I have worked in partnership with a web designer to develop webpages for two family businesses, CR Antiques and Baum's Hilltop Farm. I have written all content for both sites and have assisted with design decisions. I am also responsible for updating content, pictures, and other information on both sites using Adobe Dreamweaver. Each site was created to provide news updates, contact information, and product details for use by customers.
In addition to web presence for the farm, I have also created a YouTube channel to upload "For Sale" horse videos. This is used by farm customers and potential buyers.
The Baum's Hilltop Farm Facebook page was also created and maintained with customers in mind. Working in tandem with my sister, I make routine updates to the page by announcing show winners, customer purchases, and news in the equine industry.
As part of work experience, I created and mantained a Facebook page for yet another family business, Baum Chevrolet Buick. Though I no longer oversee updates to the page, I was able to generate over 150 page "likes" in two months.